This region of the blogosphere is dedicated to the human understanding and furthering of the Great Experiment of Life, both here on the Gaian Organism, and abroad, into the furthest reaches of space. Inspired by the writings of Charles Darwin’s grandfather, Erasmus Darwin, we look at the Temple of Nature and our place in it as stewards of the Gaian Organism and as the guardians of the three known replicators, genes, memes and temes. We examine the ways in which humans have successfully (and unsuccessfully) adapted over the aeons to the dynamic and changing environments we have inhabited, the religious mysteries associated with the agriculture that civilization has depended upon since its inception, and how these have informed and transformed those societies. What do our collective memory and the historical, archeological, and geological records have to say about our civilizations and climate change? How can we learn to be more sustainable? Moreover, how can humanity seize upon its technological and agricultural prowess and use this as leverage to catapult our civilization and the living matrix upon which it depends into the next phase of our evolution: space migration?


2 Responses

  1. Hey, This intrigues me. I look forward to it.

  2. perks her ears up… did someone say climate change in the ancient context… count on me to follow this

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